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DFM ranking 16th in the list of Top 500 Enterprises of China 2017.


On September 10, at 2017 China Top 500 Enterprises Summit, China Enterprise Confederation and China Enterprise Directors Association have released the list of “Top 500 Enterprises of China” for 16th time. DFM, with the operation revenue of RMB 572.613 billion, ranks 16th in the list of Top 500 Enterprises of China 2017. Moreover, the summit also released the list of Top 500 Manufacturers of China, in which DFM ranks third.

DFM, as an extra-large enterprise, under the atmosphere of increasingly-fierce market competition, has remained the growth of scale merit in five consecutive years. In 2016, DFM has sold 4,277,000 vehicles with year-on-year growth at 10.4%, sales volume ranking second in Chinese automobile industry; and realized the annual operation revenue of RMB 572.613 billion with year-on-year growth at 9.9%, profits with year-on-year growth at 7.4%, and taxes with year-on-year growth at 3%. In Fortune Global 500 List 2017, DFM, with the sales revenue of USD 86.194 billion, ranks 68th (81st in 2016) among the top 500 enterprises and 10th in global automobile industry.

The innovative development is a main direction for DFM to seek for its breakthrough development. In recent ten years, DFM has invested RMB 95.7 billion into research and development. Particularly in recent five years, DFM has applied 7,660 patents, including 982 patents for invention. By 2016, DFM had more than 22,000 scientific and technical personnel, of whom research personnel accounted for 6.1% of total employees. By 2020, DFM strives to reach domestically-leading level in the comprehensive abilities of independent research and development, and makes major breakthroughs in new energy and intelligent network connection. By 2025, DFM strives to reach internationally-advanced level in overall R&D ability.

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