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DFM and Renaut Nissan Alliance jointly develops electric vehicle


On August 27, Dongfeng Motor Group Co., Ltd. and Renaut Nissan Alliance announced to build a new joint venture, for the purpose of jointly developing electric vehicles and selling them on a global scale. Renault, DFM and Nissan Group of China have signed the agreement on the joint venture. The joint venture is named “eGT New Energy Automotive Co., Ltd.”, and the proportion of shares is as follows: DFM 50%, Renault 25%, and Nissan 25%. eGT New Energy Automotive Co., Ltd. will gives full play to the partners’ core competences, including Renaut Nissan Alliance’s leading role in electric vehicle and DFM’s advantageous resources in the new energy industry, for the purpose of meeting Chinese market demands.

eGT New Energy Automotive Co., Ltd. will develop a new electric vehicle equipped with intelligent network connection technology to Chinese users’ demands. Such model is based on Renaut Nissan Alliance level-A SUV platform and jointly developed by Renaut Nissan Alliance and DFM. Furthermore, it also will make the best of Renaut Nissan Alliance’s globally-leading EV technology and economic vehicle design experience, as well as DFM’s advantageous manufacturing and purchasing channel.

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