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Dongfeng’s top management participating in annual shareholders’ meeting of PSA


On May 10, 2017, Gallois president of board of supervisors was presided over the shareholders’ meeting of PSA. The Board of Supervisors and the Management Committee made board of supervisors report, social responsibility report, financial report and “PUSH TO PASS” strategy progress report to shareholders, and answered the shareholders representatives’ questions.

Vice president of board of supervisors Zhu Yanfeng, supervisor Liu Weidong, and observer Wei Wenqing passed the PSA’s nomination, and Remuneration and Appointment Committee, Finance and Audit Committee and Board of Supervisors discussed the resolutions, and participated in the shareholders’ meeting and voted for the resolutions. A trans-department group consisting of DFM’s Strategy Planning Department, Financial and Accounting Department, Personnel (Cadre) Department, Law and Securities Department, etc. performed analysis and research into all the previous resolutions.

PSA shared out dividend for the first time since 2011

The shareholders’ meeting voted on the resolutions article by article, on which 34 resolutions were passed. The resolutions included the resolution on EUR 0.48 dividend per share of 2016 fiscal year. It was the first time since 2011 for PSA to share out dividend. DFM could gain the dividend of nearly RMB 400 million. Moreover, the resolutions also included the program for issuing warrants to GM Group to acquire Opel AG.

PSA has realized its growth in three sectors in three consecutive years

In 2016, PSA has realized its growth in three sectors in three consecutive years. The operating profit ratio of automobile sector increased to 6% in 2016 from 5% in 2015; the sales volume was up to 3,150,000 vehicles, with year-on-year growth at 5.8%; the net financial status got improved, with free cash flow being up to RMB 2.7 billion in 2016. 

In 2017, PSA is expected to keep steady in such markets as Europe, Latin America and Russia, and to increase by 5% in Chinese market. The average recurring operating profit of automobile sector exceeded 4.5% during 2016-2018, and reached 6% in 2021. Compared with 2015, the operation revenue of PSA is expected to increase by 10% in 2018, and by 15% in 2021.


France Local Time, March 26, 2014, DongFeng Motor Corporation and PSA Peugeot Citroen (PSA) signed the General Agreement on Capital Increase and Admission in Paris. DFM invested RMB 800 million into PSA through the private placement, being the first majority shareholder with 14.1% of shares, which is the same as that of French government and Peugeot. DFM has built global strategy alliance with PSA.

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