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Iran dealers delegation entering Dongfeng


On January 24, Dongfeng Iran dealers delegation consisting of 36 Iran guests entered Dongfeng Import & Export Company, who were invited by DFM to Dongfeng in China. After knowing well about Dongfeng’s development overview, they headed for exhibition hall of DFM Headquarters. Dongfeng series products covering passenger vehicle, commercial vehicle and military vehicle were highly admired by Iran guests.

“After viewing Dongfeng’s vehicle models and appreciating Dongfeng’s diversified products in Dongfeng headquarters, our dealers are more confident in Dongfeng’s vehicles and brand.” Iran dealer representative ALI VAGHEF told the reporter, “Iranian market is in high demand on AT vehicles. We highly hope that DFM will launch some new vehicle models and new engines into Iran, which will greatly enhance the competitiveness of Dongfeng’s products in the Iranian market.”

According to the introduction, Dongfeng has exported 29,472 Dongfeng Aeolus self-brand passenger vehicles to Iranian market in 2017, and H30 Cross vehicle model was very popular among the local consumers.

Iran dealers delegation also visited Dongfeng Passenger Vehicle Company, Dongfeng Renault, and franchise stores of Dongfeng Passenger Vehicle Company and Peugeot-Citroën in China, feeling Dongfeng’s strength in an all-round way from production site to sales and service sites.

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