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Sales volume of Dongfeng new energy commercial vehicle ranking first in automobile industry


According to DFM’s latest sales volume bulletin: In 2017, sales volume of Dongfeng new energy vehicles was 54,000 vehicles, with year-on-year growth at 117.6%, far higher than average industry growth rate. Sales volume of new energy passenger vehicle was up to 16,000 vehicles, with year-on-year growth at 114.1%; sales volume of new energy commercial vehicle was up to 39,000 vehicles, with year-on-year growth at 120%, ranking first in Chinese new energy commercial vehicle industry; small lot of FCV trucks have been launched.

In recent years, DFM has upgraded the new energy vehicles into the core strategy, and focused on boosting the development of passenger vehicles and commercial vehicles. Currently, DFM has formed the pattern of full range of new energy products focusing on three technical routes (BEV, PHEV and FCV), including various BEV passenger vehicles, BEV light-duty trucks, HEV buses, FCV special-purpose vehicles, BEV cargo van, etc.; Moreover, market shares of new energy special-purpose vehicles were up to 50% that of national like vehicle models. DFM’s subsidiaries such as Dongfeng Passenger Vehicle Company, Dongfeng Automobile, Dongfeng Xiaokang, etc. have realized the mixed production of new energy vehicle and traditional vehicle. Moreover, DFM has built 2 new energy passenger vehicle bases (Wuhan and Guangzhou), 2 new energy bus bases (Shiyan and Xiangyang), 2 new energy special-purpose vehicle bases (Xiangyang and Zhengzhou) and 2 new energy key parts bases (Wuhan and Xiangyang), forming annual production capacity of 220,000 vehicles.

Besides the technical breakthrough, Dongfeng also accelerated innovation of new energy business mode in recent years. With the development philosophy of “Green & Sharing”, DFM has built 2 new energy vehicles time-sharing leasing platforms: “EV SHARING” and “Dongfeng Travel”, realizing scale operation of new energy taxi, special-purpose vehicle, online car-hailing service, commuter, etc. According to the introduction, existing registered users in the “EV SHARING” exceed 10,000, covering Wuhan’s Wuchang, Hankou and Hanyang towns, with each month having at least 3,000 orders. In the future, “EV SHARING” will be created into a service provider and operator of urban sharing vehicles. “Dongfeng Travel” is to create Dongfeng’s free travel service brand based on promotion and application of Dongfeng’s new energy vehicles. Moreover, new energy vehicle business of Dongfeng Automobile Company Ltd. and Dongfeng Special Vehicle positively innovates its business mode, and expands new growth points from manufacturing sector to auto aftermarket.

Currently, DFM has basically formed the layout in such sectors as cell, motor and electronic and electric control. Industrialized projects of electronic and electric control, cell grouping and drive motor of new energy passenger vehicles have been implemented in 2017, and are about to be constructed. In the future, DFM will focus on the new energy vehicles to develop the vehicles based on such energies as natural gas, ethanol, methanol, etc., for the purpose of seizing the technical commanding height of new energy vehicles.

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