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112 Luxgen Vehicles Exporting to Africa


On October 15, the second 64 brand-new Luxgen 5 vehicles exporting to Ethiopia were arranged at the gate of Dongfeng Yulon Motor Co., Ltd. Bonded Zone, and were been loading into containers orderly. These vehicles will be shipped towards Africa via Shanghai Port.

Before then, 48 brand-new Luxgen 5 vehicles, being Dongfeng Yulon’s first vehicles to Ethiopia, have left Shanghai Port. Within the only half a month, 112 vehicles were exported, indicating that Luxgen brand has been deeply developed Chinese domestic market, and also has oriented towards the international market, especially towards the countries along “the Belt and Road”.

General manager of Dongfeng Yulon WU Xinfa said that, through years of rapid development, the growth of China’s domestic automobile market gradually slows down, and tends to decrease; responding to “the Belt and Road” Initiative, improving technology and innovating sales mode, and focusing on expanding international market, for Dongfeng Yulon, it is a very important opportunity. According to the introduction, besides the smooth implementation of Africa export project, Dongfeng Yulon’s Syria export project is also in progress; up till now, Dongfeng Yulon has completed an order of 48 YOU 6 SUVs; the annual order is expected to be 120 SUVs.


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