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Guinean customer visits DFCV


On January 8, accompanied by the head of the Overseas Business Division of DFCV, a six-member delegation from Guinea visited DFCV's powertrain plant.

At the internal assembly line of dCi 11, the customer learned about the line's quality assurance capacity, automation level and production efficiency. Close to the robot workstation, the customer watched the unmanned assembly of pistols and connecting rods with relish. As the first domestic automatic assembly line of pistol connecting roads of diesel engines, it is up to the global technological level of Volvo. At the external assembly line, the customer learned about the varieties, dispensing model and assembly technologies of engines in mixed production.

The dCi 11 assembly lines reflect the idea of "process modularization, intelligent production and 100% error-proof design", use a fully integrated information control system to plan production, logistics, test and control, reject defective products and turn out high-quality engines.

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