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Technologies Empower Products, Intelligent Dongfeng Shines at Auto China 2020


DFM showed up at "Dongfeng Pavilion" under the theme of "Dongfeng Intelligence toward the Future", presenting a premium lineup composed of new energy vehicles (NEV) and intelligent connected vehicles (ICV) under Aeolus, Glory and Furter , as well as iFree and iLand concept cars making their debut, setting off a "smart" fever at Auto China 2020.

The exhibition is considered by the media as an overall review of DFM's independent-branded technology-empowered products. DFM's lineup includes NEVs and ICVs of several brands, such as iFree and iLand concept cars, Aeolus' hardcore intelligent SUVs-AX7 Pro 2021 and D53 Circuit, Glory's compact SUV-Glory 500, and Furter MPV-M7 REV. Besides, "Dongfeng Pavilion" showcased Dongfeng's new cutting-edge technologies like Sharing-City sand table, Sharing-Smart, and battery, motor & electric drive-related products. Auto China is the world's only 5A auto show this year due to the Covid-19 outbreak. These premium models and innovative technologies will boost DFM's global competitiveness and brand image.

"Technical innovation" is a core element of innovation drive. d on "lightweight, electrification, intelligent, connected and shared development", DFM will focus on NEV and ICV development, and keep innovating.

The appearance of iFree and iLand shows DFM's tremendous brand strength and great determination. In the coming 3-5 years, the iLand brand will operate in segments such as sedan, SUV, MPV, crossover and high-performance vehicles, to offer outstanding auto life solutions in the new energy 3.0 era.

Upgrading and empowering products with 5G, AI, IoT, cloud computing and other innovative technologies, DFM will keep presenting new models at "Dongfeng Pavilion" to show the hardcore strength of "Dongfeng intelligence".

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