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DFM's environmental wind tunnel project kicks off


On December 8, 2016, DFM's environmental wind tunnel project kicked off at the National Automobile Quality Supervision and Test Center (Xiangfan). With a total construction period of 34 months, the project is a cooperative aerodynamic development and manufacturing project under the strategic cooperation agreement between DFM and China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation. The project will fill DFM's gap in relevant fields, and improve its overall R&D capacity and level.

After being built up in November 2019, the automotive environmental wind tunnel laboratory will be used for car, SUV and MPV series. The tunnel can simulate temperature (minus 40 to 60 degrees Celsius), humidity, sunlight, wind speed, pavement, rainfall, snowfall and other climatic environments, to fully meet the test need for the thermal management development of passenger vehicles. 

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